Strategy, awareness and opportunities for the Public Administration and Enterprises

Publishing data in open mode is a currently popular topic that, together with the drive from the world of economy, institutions and politics, makes the urgency to publish data impossible to defer for administrators. How to grasp the opportunity given by their use.

The first topic related to Open Data regards the publication of open data coming from the Public Administration archives, and sometimes also from company archives. This is a  process that is not only technological but also one of selecting the data to be made available. The aim of providing the community with useful and usable data, at the right rate of updating, can only be gathered by using a disciplined process.

This is a complex problem that involves several variables and that must be addressed in a continuous, structured manner in time, with preparation of an Open Data Agenda that provides for a strategic sequence of publication and updating of their data based on measurable criteria of potential and appropriateness of the publication.

In this perspective, Engineering supports the Italian Central and Local Public Administration and enterprise with both the technological aspect and in the process of evaluating the information to be published. For this latter aspect, Engineering has set out a specific framework that allows structured search and selection programs to be used for the data to be submitted for publication and definition of suitable processes.

The second topic regarding Open Data concerns the use of said data as a rich source of information to be integrated with corporate data, held by administrations and companies, in order to expand the traditional information view of what "belongs to the organization" to "what refers to the organization".

To achieve this aim, Engineering has set up a specific team that operates as an observatory, updating its own catalog of constantly updated open data on the main data published, the update level and detail that, thanks to the skills on smart/big data technologies, can plan and realize appropriate solutions for its own clients' needs.


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