Extracting value from data is the economy's driver in this century

The huge pile of information available today is a source of opportunity for creating value, with an overpowering impact on economic growth, on the provision of services and on social innovation.

Several companies and organizations have begun to evaluate or address the transformation that will change them from being traditional organizations to big data organizations, where the data is placed at the center of their business activities. There are several aspects to be considered, which involved data, that are at the basis of this evolution, technological architectures, transformation processes and analyses that will allow the various opportunities to be decided upon.

To help their own clients on this path, Engineering has integrated the skills of its own analysis and development laboratories with a specific Big Data & Analytics Competence Center.

Some of the services offered included consultancy, training on big data scenarios and technologies, data mining methods and techniques, data analysis and advanced viewing techniques, in addition to the opportunity to access a large network of academic, scientific, open source and market collaborations.

The Engineering Data Science Lab

Based on Engineering’s cloud infrastructure, the laboratory uses the resources made available by the Pont-Saint-Martin Data Center, integrating some hadoop, data analysis and front-end solutions to allow a rapid realization of demonstrations and pilot projects; it also coordinates with the Managed Operations department for the range of big data services.

Big Data and Open Source: A native solution

Thanks to close collaboration with Knowage Labs, Engineering provides clients with Knowage open source suites that, in addition to handling large amounts of structured data, also in real time, also allows new information possibilities to be used, that come from the use of self-produced content, social data and open data.


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