The territory as a business opportunity

The GIS is an information system that acquires, stores, extracts, transforms and visualizes geographical and spatial data.

From its first Territorial Logistics project way back in 1995, Engineering has continued to study and design solutions via OverIT, the company's GIS Competence Center and also one of the reference points in research and experiments of cutting-edge software solutions for geo-location and optimization of activities in the territory.

The Competence Center is  today one of the most advanced in Italy and thanks to continuous research and development of innovative solutions, can design, realize and maintain mapping solutions for several realms, using leading market and open source technologies.

By combining a decade of experience in designing mapping solutions with the possibilities offered by the best technology on the market, Engineering's professionals can design architectures and solutions that allow clear improvements in all monitoring and supervision of territorial phenomena for a company, a utility or a public body.

Thanks to advanced methods of data representation, editing and analysis tools, and the presence of a geo-database, the GIS developed by OverIT are in fact capable of considerably improving the management processes of companies that use them.

Thanks to their process flexibility, speed, availability and capacity, the GIS solutions provide considerable impact on business in terms of:

  • real time management of unforeseen events and emergency situations
  • evidence, perception and measurability of phenomena and events, relating them to the territory
  • improvement in operational activities
  • optimization in the carrying out of tasks by different resources
  • facilitation in accessing information about resources and planning activities.

The possibility of interacting with the territory to be served and the powerful analysis capacity made available by GIS, are starting points for the management of secure, reliable territorial information based on real information.


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