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Thanks to the best infrastructures and technologies, Engineering's 5 Data Centers distributed throughout Italy guarantee the highest standards of security, reliability and efficiency for more than 330 customers.

Engineering has connected with a broadband ring its 5 Data Centers.

Pont-Saint-Martin and Turin in the North West and Vicenza in the North East are two hub capable of delivering infrastructure solutions for the most complex requirements.

Milan and Rome offer direct access to MAN and easily accessibility, and allow to better respond to business needs.

DC FACILITIES: North West Area

2,700 sqm of ICT space divided into independent and autonomous bunkers
4 security levels
Campus extended solution with DC in Turin
Geographic Disaster Recovery with DC in Vicenza
Neutral Access Point in fiber for main national carriers
Autonomous System

Owned high speed fiber connections with DC in PSM
400 sqm of ICT space
Campus extended solutions with DC in PSM
Autonomous System
Termination in fiber of main national carriers


DC FACILITIES: North East Area

High speed connections with DC in PSM
950 sqm of ICT space
Disaster Recovery Solutions with DC in PSM
Neutral Carrier

DC FACILITIES: Metropolitan Areas


1,540 sqm of ICT space
Neutral Carrier
Broadband access to the Milan MAN and the MIX*

270 sqm of ICT space
Neutral Carrier
Broadband access to the Rome MAN and the NAMEX*

The Data Center of Pont-Saint-Martin is equipped with a latest generation geothermal system for cooling which uses water at 13 degrees below the water table. The system saves 20% electricity and increases cooling capacity. The project has allowed to obtain a P.U.E. (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.5.

(*) See also Network Technology

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