Acquiring heterogeneous information and submitting if to sophisticated processing processes

Sensors Integration responds to this need, which is typical of the Defense and Space sectors, thanks to the integration of various kinds of sensors that can verify, validate, correlate and merge the information gathered for a later representation and use.

Command and control, command support and situation awareness systems inherently need a large amount of data to process for the purposes for which these systems have been created.

In most cases, the data are made available by heterogeneous sensors, such as RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) of various types, AIS (Automated Information System), SIGINT (SIGnal Intelligence) equipment, Electro Optical-EQ equipment, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) devices.

Once acquired, the information must be verified and validated from both a formal point of view (syntax and semantic verification of input formats) and a substantial point of view (reliability and consistency of data after formal verification).

The heterogeneous and/or homogeneous data from various sources must be correlated in order to ensure a representation of the current situation that observes criteria of consistency, coherence and integrity: a real object must correspond to each object represented by the system.

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