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Staff planning, a key company process for customer satisfaction

Engineering has in time accrued consolidated expertise in processes, products and projects for offering Workforce Management solutions, an ideal support for companies for the optimization of staff and thus for obtaining significant economic benefits for their own business.

The Workforce Management tools provide forecasting of need functions, to know how many employees with which skills are required in the future, planning of resources to cover the need with the right employees and the correct number thereof, and management of working hours, in order to accurately calculate the number of hours needed.

A careful productivity analysis and constant monitoring of planning checks that the planned situation and actual one correspond, any difference compared to forecasts can be addressed quickly and efficiently, in light of the continuous improvement of productivity and service quality.

Planning based on need that reduces any non-productive inactivity and overtime creates greater staff efficiency and reduced costs, and also the attention to staff requests for working hours creates greater motivation in the staff. A direct consequence is better service for the final client and an increase in customer satisfaction.

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