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Integrated sales solutions for the "customer-centric" company

Engineering is the IT reference partner for identifying and realizing sales process automation and integration solutions.

The creation of a "customer-centric" company is also based on a strong integration of the sales area with all the company departments, such as Marketing and Customer Service, that build up and feed knowledge of customer needs in order to achieve profitability goals, ARPU increases and churn reductions.

Aware of the importance that this integrated vision of processes concerning the various company departments has for each operator, Engineering has developed a reference framework that allows a fully integrated sales process to be implemented.

Consultancy and System Integration skills that have been experimented during profitable working collaborations with national and overseas operators, knowledge of the best known market products (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft) make Engineering a leading IT partner for the identification and realization of sale process automation solutions and integration of the latter with other IT systems used by the operators.

Solutions for dealers, for example, provide functions that can aid the stipulation of new contracts, allow the sales process to be personalized for specific offers and lines of business and post-sales activities to be managed with clear benefits in terms of T2M reduction, better Customer Experience and simplification of sale force activities.

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