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Municipia's solutions for answering the challenges of modern local taxation

The continuous review of transfers to Local Governments, the presence of an economic recession with severe consequences on social dynamics and legislation subject to frequent changes have caused a brusque acceleration of local government needs to manage revenue with the utmost attention.

Municipia is the confirmed, reliable partner for Italian municipalities in their tough challenge to manage local finance. A challenge faced with the ability to express application, technological and methodological capacities and an overall view of realms of intervention, legislation and processes.

A team of more than 250 specialists spread over several sites and Service Centers, 24 million Euro of income, Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and enrolment (nr.164) in the List of verification and local tax collection and other revenue managers for provinces and municipalities for all demographic groups, are the basis of a full offer addressed to the market and all Administrations.

In fact, Municipia operates on:

  • large municipalities with ad hoc solutions and projects, such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Genoa, Bologna, Modena, Cosenza, Reggio Emilia, Padua, ...
  • medium and small municipalities - more than 600 clients - with parameterizable solutions and rapid intervention times.

The offer ranges from services and software products for tax income management and territorial government software to innovative projects which, as they fully integrate with management systems used in the municipalities, simplify the use of data, the exchange of information between Councils, with the Central Administration and with citizens.

Municipia provides Local Public Administration with the tools to anticipate the citizens' needs, using two-way collaboration services, through technologically advanced systems and the construction of a system based on a thorough knowledge of the administered area. Through the definition of an "integrated, certified databank of objects and subjects" for Local Taxation management, Municipia provides a single, reference vision of the territorial reality, allowing the local body to achieve three essential objectives:

  • fiscal equity
  • consideration of the taxpayer as central to the system, the recipient of evolved services for simplifying obligations.
  • planning and control of resources.

The municipality, taxpayers and local taxation are always at the center of Municipia's mission.


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