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A full offer of land line, mobile and broadband solutions

Engineering can count on a team of specialists, a dedicated expertise center for digital media and research of international renown.

The challenges set by the telecommunications market, in terms of increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit), client base retention and rapidity in new service launches, require operators who can address an increasingly exacting, complex demand with new, innovative services.

Engineering has always worked alongside operators in this sector, providing products and solutions that exploit the potential of the most recent technologies for the land line, mobile and broadband areas, to support the provision of value added services (VAS).

Engineering's competences in producing solutions for the creation and provision of VAS services, supported by constant, internationally renowned research, are based on the experience of a team of specialists and on the Broadband & Media Services center, which is a center of excellence in the digital media area.

Engineering's VAS solutions are split into 4 main parts:

  • VAS platforms, for the creation and configuration of value added services
  • Star Center, a proprietary infrastructure that enables the creation of messaging services and the aggregation/provision of multimedia content (CP/CSP)
  • Development and deployment of clients and applications by terminals
  • WAP and Mobile websites, for access in different ways (e.g. Download&Play, streaming, etc.) to multimedia content such as videos, wallpapers, screensavers, true tones, mobile games, live TV.
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