OEMs, suppliers, importers and dealers: a global offer for the automotive industry

eGAS2 – The Engineering Global Automotive Solutions & Services is the Engineering’s solution for ruling the drivers that impact on the automotive value chain.

Globalization, Innovation, Rationalization, Sustainability

The automotive industry is affected by these four key changing factors, because they have an impact on all the processes included in the automotive value chain, but also on all the ecosystem’s actors, from OEMs to dealers.

Throughout the eGAS2 set of solutions, Engineering is able to support manufacturers, suppliers and vendors, by using the best ICT technologies to win this challenge.

The suite’s modules (supply chain, manufacturing, sales & after sales, procurement, product development and financial management) manage the automotive value chain in every aspect and they are consolidated in a substantial and trustworthy ICT infrastructure’s offering, with solutions that are immediately available and backed up by a specialized support that guarantees the business continuity.

Automotive Industry: Trends

Digital channels have become the main source from which to acquire information, whenever somebody is willing to buy a car. Besides, for many customers the next step may consist in purchasing cars through an e-commerce channel.

The growing role of the digital trend ,can be also extended to the consumer experience in the showroom and while driving a car. Indeed, consumers often ask to combine communication with mobility.

This is a great opportunity for the OEMs because the technology is finally ready to support this new strategic orientation.

 eGAS2: The Engineering offering for the automotive industry

Engineering, thanks to the eGAS2 solutions, offers a complete service to its clients that can support OEM in all the internal and external processes of the value chain .

Automotive Digital Solutions

Engineering has the right skills and infrastructures to provide OEM with platforms, applications and technologies to connect the physical world with the digital one, with the goal of improving both the customer  experience in the dealership and the driving experience.

So far, Engineering has two objectives: helping clients to enhance the customer experience by implementing new technologies in-store and inside-the-car, and,  at the same time, providing OEMs with real-time information coming from the above-mentioned technologies  that give insight on the customer’s behavior.

In particular, the Engineering offering and expertise in this field are listed below:

  • Mobile APPs that support the sales & after sales processes in the showroom;
  • Mobile  B2C applications to give our clients the possibility to continuously interact with customers;
  • Proximity marketing, exploiting beacons and biometric sensors, to detect people with different levels of granularity  and much more;
  • In-store experiences, through the interaction of omnichannel  tools such as Mobile Devices, Digital Signage, Interactive Billboards, Kiosks and Wereable Devices.

After being collected, these data are then presented in reports and interactive dashboards which are implemented with the most common business intelligence and visual data discovery tools.

Finally, these data can be capitalized, fostering  Big Data systems, with the objective of building predictive and prescriptive algorithms, to improve the business outcomes.  


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