Leader in software and IT services in Italy

A complete offer of business integration, application and infrastructure outsourcing, innovative solutions and strategic consultancy.

8,500 employees and 3,100 people in related activities, 50 sites distributed in Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, South America (Brazil and Argentina) and United States, a consolidated revenue portfolio in 2015 of about 878 million Euros.

Engineering has a consolidated presence on all vertical markets and operates through its 4 business units - Public Administration & Healthcare, Telco & Utilities, Industry & Services, Finance - supported by cross-business unit centers of competence and by the Research and Innovation Department which, with its 250 resources, has the dual role of promoting research on software at an international level and transferring innovation to the production cycle of the business structures.

The Group has increased its presence in the Managed Operations field with an integrated network of 5 Data Centers (at Pont-Saint-Martin, Milan, Turin, Vicenza and Rome) organized for the provision of services aimed at the business continuity and management of IT infrastructures.

An exclusive asset in Italy is the company's IT & Management School "Enrico Della Valle”, that  with 200 certified lecturers and 333 courses available provides more than 18,165 technical, method and process training days per year.


Designing and creating innovative architecture that guide and support all the organizations' business and service models in all markets.


Promoting innovation in organizations, processes and services with the passion and enthusiasm of an Italian company.